Cohesive Insurance Services utilizes an all-encompassing contracting system that allows you to compete contracting one time for all carriers. Please follow the steps below to expedite your contracting:

  • Complete the Advisor Profile available HERE
  • Copy of State insurance License for Resident State and State in which business will be immediately submitting business
  • Copy of Your Errors & Omissions Insurance Certificate with your name and company name if contracting your corporation
  • Void Check for EFT of Commissions
  • Fax all required documents to (714) 406-1898 or email to


  • Please ensure you have completed the appropriate state specific annuity training, i.e California requires 8 hours of annuity specific training and 4 hours follow up training every two years
  • Please ensure you have completed the required anti money laundering (AML) training. We suggest completing this training at a site other than LIMRA as they do not provide a certificate and not all carriers can access LIMRA’s AML data feed.
    • State Annuity Training and AML training can be obtained at most reputable CE Providers including Reged ; WebCE ; SuccessCE . Be sure to print your CE certificate at the completion of your training.
  • Please ensure you have completed the appropriate product specific training for the contract you intend to sell. Click HERE for a list of carrier websites to access product specific training. Be sure to Attest you have completed the training and print your training certificate of completion.
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